CodeBridge Meetup!


June 21st, 2017

Event Information

Join us at the first ever Codebridge Networking Event! The Codebridge Tech Meetup is a Bi-monthly meeting of all current and alumni Codebridge students. A networking event meant to bring together entrepreneurs and innovators from all cycles under one roof. Guest industry speakers will be present so please remember to bring your resumes. The goal is to create an atmosphere for sharing best practices, learning from both failure and success, sharing project ideas and team building.


Join us in this business casual, professional yet fun filled event. Food, games, student mixers & showcases will be some of the highlights of the night! Did someone say Hackathon? Oh yes! Bring your thinking caps!


Our goal is to create a central place for fellow techies to provide a commentary on the different technologies that they use. This would inform the community as to what technologies are trending, essential, obsolete, or just plain cool. A place to introduce new members to the team and recieve feedback by industry leaders.


Working on a huge project? Drowning in code and need some assistance? Want to work on your pitches for you apps? This is the place to do it. Come ready to propose any and every idea your working on and begin recruiting people to your team! Can't wait to hear what you've been working on.
"Im working on creating my own little Palo Alto in the Bronx - Nando"


630 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206


6PM - 9PM

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